Why First Class Gym

First Class Health and Fitness Club provide a friendly and relaxed atmosphere supported by trained experienced instructors always on-hand to help you achieve your goals.

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Tuition is Free

Instructors can design a personal programme for each client, after ascertaining their goals. A good programme can assist with:-

  • Improved fitness levels and fat loss
  • Muscle building or toning
  • Enhanced sports performance

Ladies only area

Intergrated ladies only gym. With female instructors available.

FREE Tuition

Book an instructor

You can book an instructor, ideally during a quieter part of the day – (refer to graph for our typical day), where you will be shown how to use all the equipment, specific to your needs.

This session will be gentle exercising to start and usually takes about 40 minutes (although there is no limit to time spent in the gym).

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